Call for Mobility and Research Proposals – French-Indonesian Science and Technology Cooperation Program

French-Indonesian Science and Technology Cooperation Program
Call for Mobility and Research Proposals


NUSANTARA Program is a joint initiative between the governments of France and the Indonesia, it aims to encourage collaboration on research and innovation while strengthening connections that will lead to greater collaboration in the future. This program is managed by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology (KEMENRISTEK), and the Indonesian Ministry for Education and Culture (KEMDIKBUD).
This program is for French and Indonesian researchers working in a team who wish to fund their partnering project.
Indonesian researchers may apply for the mobility scheme (SAME-Prancis). If successful, additional evaluation will occur with a possibility to receive an extended research scheme (BOPTN).
French researcher will get funding for travel and subsistence costs which will enable mobility over a two-year period either in Indonesia or in France. Additional research funding is provided by the French Embassy in Indonesia.


NUSANTARA aims to promote and develop scientific and technological cooperation projects and to encourage the participation of early career researchers and doctoral students, in both countries. This call is excellence based.
Eligible areas. The programme is open for following research fields (but not for Nuclear, Defense, nor Military technologies):

  • Solutions for Post COVID-19 (Technologies enabling local resilience or self-sufficiency, Infection prevention and protection, Sanitation technology, Govtech/Open data and Big Data, Crisis management after the pandemics, Digital workplace and Education Technologies as well as the organisation and implementation of distance learning);
  • Food Technology;
  • Energy, including renewable energy (thermal and nuclear power plants, geothermal, energy of tides, waves and ocean currents, bioenergy, biofuels, solar energy, etc.)
  • Health and Medicine;
  • Marine and Maritime Sciences and Oceanography;
  • Transportation Technology;
  • Information and Communication Technology;
  • Social Sciences and Humanities;
  • Advanced material, i.e. nanotechnology;
  • Climate change and the preservation of the environment: animal and vegetal biodiversity, water, land, climate change;
  • Assessment and prevention of natural risks and or disaster management – including early warning system which involves geological, seismic, volcanic, climatic, geomagnetic sciences.


Indonesian applicants must be based in Indonesia and must be lecturers affiliated with a university under the auspice of KEMDIKBUD. They are eligible as the main applicant.
French applicants from any research laboratory, public sector research institutes and small companies are eligible for this program.


Applicants must submit a proposal in English containing the same title and scope of work via their respective agencies’ websites:
1) FR applicants: CAMPUS FRANCE
2) ID applicants: KEMENDIKBUD
Both applications must be received before the closing date. Applications shall strictly follow the format and time conditions. The content of the SAME proposal shall be in line with the research proposal submitted online through CAMPUS FRANCE website.

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